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Designing Tidy Native Gardens for Traditional Suburban Properties with David Hughes (2024 Nursery Opening Lecture)

Friday, April 5 7:00 pm
Friday, April 5 8:00 pm


Many folks think of native plant gardens as wild, untended landscapes which can buck the social and horticultural norms of a neighborhood with acres of manicured lawns. Ecological garden design has techniques that, if used in mindful ways, can cross the divide between habitat-centered gardening  with the more controlled and neat urban landscape. This presentation will review new perspectives of native plant gardening and how they can be successfully incorporated into the traditional standards of the gardening community. We will look at transitioning a “typical” 1-acre suburban yard into a wildlife supportive, regenerative habitat that is suitable for humans and a multitude of wild organisms.

David Hughes is a registered landscape architect and owner of Weatherwood Design LLC that specializes in native plant-based garden design, ecology and indigenous habitat conservation. He has worked in the green industry for 34 years designing landscapes that focus on bringing back ecological functions to the site and its surrounding community. Hughes’ designs improve the pathways in which ecological services are revived or restored to a site.  

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Program Fee: Free to members and $10 per non-member. All registrants will receive the limited-time class recording for later viewing.

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