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Children's Summer Reading Program - Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve

Children’s Summer Reading Program

Join us to explore nature’s alphabet! We will read exciting books about the outdoors, take hikes through the Preserve in search of the plants and critters in our stories and make nature crafts to bring home. This program is appropriate for ages 3 through 8. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Each session is unique, so join us for as many as you like. Advance registration is required by the Tuesday prior to each program. »

Knowing Native Plants: Meadow Magic with Mary Anne Borge

Discover the Preserve's meadow with Naturalist Mary Anne Borge. See native meadow plant species, including wildflowers and grasses, and some of the animals that depend on this habitat. Learn about successional stages and why it is important to plant native species. Presentation/discussion followed by an outdoor tour. Professional CEUs are available. »

How to Really Save the Bees with Nancy Lawson

One in four bee species in North America is now at risk of extinction. Historically under-studied and under-appreciated, our nearly 4,000 native bee species live decidedly different lifestyles than that of the honeybee, a captive-bred animal originally introduced from Europe. Most native bees are solitary, nesting underground or in holes in wood and twigs. Some are specialists, gathering pollen only from certain native plants to provision their nests. Many are so small they're often mistaken for flies or gnats. All are worthy of our attention and concern. Learn how to create and nurture a habitat that provides food and shelter for bees throughout their lifecycles. Nancy Lawson is the author of The Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife. A columnist for All Animals magazine, Lawson founded Humane Gardener, an outreach initiative dedicated to cultivating compassion for all creatures, great and small, through animal-friendly landscaping methods. After an early career in newspaper journalism, she led the creative teams behind the award-winning print and digital magazines of The Humane Society of the United States. »

Family Bug Safari with Pam Newitt

Bring the whole family to look for bugs! Join naturalist Pam Newitt for a hands-on educational program all about insects. We will find out where insects live and what they eat. As part of your program fee, you will get a bug box in which to keep the bugs you find. We will build an insect zoo to get a close-up look at our arthropod friends, then release them all at the end of the program. Ages 5 and up. »
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