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History Hike: Whispers in the Woods with Mary Nogami

Join Naturalist Mary Nogami for a leisurely walk in Penn's Woods and along Pidcock Creek. Under the colorful canopy of the fall foliage, listen to stories about the Revolutionary War soldiers and notable historical citizens of New Hope and Washington's Crossing, whose lives still impact us today. For ages 8 and up. »

Slimy Snakes, Terrifying Tarantulas, and Blind Bats with Pam Newitt

Are bats blind? Do toads give you warts? Myths like these are not unusual to hear - but are they true? Join Naturalist Pam Newitt and take on some common misconceptions about the animals that live around us. Some live animals will be on-hand to help us uncover the truth! A short walk may follow this indoor presentation. »

Knowing Native Plants: From Flowers to Seeds with Ed Lignowski, Ph.D.

How do angiosperms reproduce sexually? Ed Lignowski, Ph.D., will answer that question during a discussion on the life cycle of flowering plants, from pollination to fruit and seed dispersal. The general anatomy of flowers will be covered; specific examples of native plants will be used to illustrate the many interesting differences in floral structure and function that occur in nature. The events following pollination, leading to the development of fruits and seeds, will be explained. Learn about various types of native plant fruits and see examples of how they provide nutrition for wildlife. This presentation will be followed by an outdoor tour. »
Learn About Lichens | Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve

Learn About Lichens with Dennis Waters

Are they plants? Are they fungi? They're both! Lichens are everywhere you look and they are as fascinating as they are unbiquitous. Join lichenologist Dennis Waters to learn about these remarkable botanical partnerships. Understand how they work and why they have grown to be so dependent on each other. Following a short talk, we will take an excursion into the Preserve to find lichens growing on trees, on rocks, and on the ground. You will learn about their lifestyles, their habitats, and their important contributions to ecosystems. You'll have plenty of chances to tour your hand at identifying the lichens you see. Dennis Waters has been a lichenologist for ten years. He is currently completing his first lichenological survey of Mercer County, New Jersey, in collaboration with the New York Botanical Garden, the Mercer County Park Commission, and the D&R Greenway Land Trust. In recent years he has been part of lichen surveys in Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula, the Dare Regional Biodiversity Hotspot in North Carolina, the Straits Counties of Michigan, and the Talladega National Forest in Alabama. »
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