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WLS 2022: Recognizing, Understanding, and Protecting Old-growth Forests (Jan. 23)

Sunday, January 23 2:00 pm
Sunday, January 23 3:00 pm


An old-growth forest is one that has formed naturally over a long period of time with little or no disturbance from humankind. They are increasingly rare and largely misunderstood. This evocative and accessible program defines old-growth and provides a brief history of forests. It offers a rare view into how the lifeforms in an ancient, undisturbed forest—including not only its majestic trees but also its insects, plant life, fungi and mammals—differ from the lifeforms in a forest manipulated by humans. What emerges is a portrait of a beautiful, intricate and fragile ecosystem that now exists only in scattered fragments. In this program, Joan Maloof, Ph.D., director of the Old-Growth Forest Network, makes a heartfelt and passionate case for the importance of these ecosystems.

Joan Maloof is a writer, ecologist and conservationist with a unique voice. She is a professor emeritus at Salisbury University, where she taught biological sciences and environmental studies. Maloof has published numerous research articles in publications such as Ecology, American Journal of Botany and the International Journal of Environmental Studies. Maloof’s books include Teaching the Trees (2005), Among the Ancients (2011), Nature’s Temples: the Complex World of Old-Growth Forests (2016), The Living Forest: A Visual Journey into the Heart of the Woods (2017) and Treepedia: A Brief Compendium of Arboreal Lore (2021).

Maloof is the founder and executive director of the Old-Growth Forest Network, an organization dedicated to creating a network of at least one protected forest in every U.S. county where trees grow. With nearly 4,500 supporters, the network now includes 147 preserved forests in 28 different states—including Bucks County’s Hart’s Woods, which is jointly protected by Doylestown Township and the Heritage Conservancy.

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This lecture is part of our annual Winter Lecture Series. The series features presentations by regionally renowned experts who address a wide range of topics related to natural history, biodiversity, ecological gardening, native plants and native wildlife.

All lectures will be held virtually using Zoom.