Cedar, red (Juniperus virginiana)’grey owl’


Eastern red cedar is often overlooked as a landscape tree, yet it is dense, evergreen, and essentially care-free. Females appear to turn blue when the numerous berries ripen and the berries are staple winter food for many species of birds, cedar wax-wings are so fond of them that they are named after the tree. Grey Owl’ is a broad, slow-growing cultivar with a compact, wide-spreading habit which typically grows up to 3′ tall (infrequently larger) and to 6′ wide. Features scale-like, silver gray foliage. One of our highest wildlife value trees, they provide cover and nesting for birds and are a host plant for a number of butterflies and pollinators. Deep rooted and drought resistant.

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Common Name

Cedar, red



Flowering Season



Evergreen tree

Plant Height

12-36 ft

Soil Moisture