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Weed Patrol

Saturday, August 14 9:00 am
Saturday, August 14 12:00 pm


Grounds Manager Rick Fonda invites groups, individuals and families for a monthly volunteer opportunity to clear out invasive species sprouting on the Preserve. Learn to identify native and non-native plants, the importance of biodiversity and how to remove and dispose of these tenacious invaders. Your efforts help protect the native plants, ensuring the integrity of our living botanical museum.

Keep an eye on the weather to dress appropriately for the day, and be mindful that you will be working in the woods. Sneakers or boots are recommended. You can either bring your own gloves and tools, or the Preserve will supply them for you.

If you have any questions or would like to express interest in Weed Patrol, please contact the Preserve at 215.862.2924 


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