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The Fungus Among Us: Mushrooms 101

Saturday, October 23 10:30 am
Saturday, October 23 12:30 pm


Mushrooms and other fungi play a crucial role in various ecosystems by breaking down and “recycling” dead or decaying matter into usable nutrients. Despite their importance to the biosphere, fungi and mushrooms are frequently under-emphasized in biology education. This course is a brief dive into the complicated and wonderful world of mushrooms and fungi, with an emphasis on general and entry-level information. The course material covers such topics as mushroom morphology, fungal ecology, identification, edibility/toxicity, cultivation and mycoremediation.

Dylan Newitt, the class instructor, is a resident of Bucks County and has been visiting Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve since he was a child. Dylan’s mother, Pam Newitt, is a well-loved Preserve naturalist of many years. Though Dylan prefers to research the ecology of fungi and mushrooms, he attributes much of his interest in nature to his mother’s expertise in other related fields of study. Dylan has been photographing, collecting and studying fungi since 2015. He is currently enrolled in Temple University’s College of Education and Human Development.



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