Mushroom Walk


Many plant-focused people are not aware of the important roles that fungi, including mushrooms, play in the lives of plants. There would be no land plants were it not for the fungi that nourish them! Marion Kyde, Ph.D., will cover a few of the amazing things that you probably don’t know about fungi, along with photos of the colorful and unusual macrofungi in our woods and fields. Much of the information will be about new research which is telling even mycologists what they don’t know about fungi. For ages 15 and up.

Marion M. Kyde, Ph.D., lives in Tinicum Township in the middle of a woods full of magical (not magic) mushrooms. She has lectured locally on mushrooms for 20 years and writes for the Tinicum Conservancy Newsletter and the Bucks County Herald on environmental and local issues. An award-winning and pioneering conservationist, Marion received her bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees from Rutgers University and currently serves as the vice chair on the Tinicum Township Land Preservation Committee.

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